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A few minutes later he returned alone to his library. All round him were the shelves, now packed from floor to ceiling with book cases half filled projecting into the room, and on the table lay the three volumes of the catalogue. From all round thoughts and associations and memories gathered and swarmed, and, forming into a wave of pent-up bitterness, they roared over him. Everything he cared about had crumbled and disappeared. Here was his secret garden, which from boyhood{338} he had tended and cultivated with ever-increasing care, and now each shelf was to him only a reminder of Norah, propping open the door he was resolved to shut. He had dreamed of leisure hours here, free from the sound of the grinding millstone of business, and now he only wanted to get back into the roar and thump of the wheels. He had wanted the society and companionship of men who would appreciate and sympathise, now they had shown that they did not want him, and indeed he wanted them no longer; his contractors and wholesale merchants and dealers would supply all the society he had any use for for years to come. He had let himself seek love, and he had found love, and just because it was love and no mere sensual gratification that he had sought, it had, with the full consent of all in him that was worthy of it, been plucked from him. And with its vanishing his secret garden had blossomed with bitter herbs, rosemary for rose and rue. Perhaps if he had looked he might find dim violets for remembrance, and if he waited and was patient there might spring up pansies for thoughts. But that at present was beyond the region of his desire: were he to seek for flowers, he would but seek poppies for forgetfulness.Soluzioni Ancitel

"Look, look!" said he; "what are those beautiful white birds?"Ancitel News

The great ship steamed onward, day after day and night after night. There was no storm to break the monotony; no sail showed itself on the horizon; no one left the steamer, and no new-comers appeared; nobody saw fit to quarrel with any one else; and there was not a passenger who showed a disposition to quarrel with his surroundings. Stories were told and songs were sung, to while away the time; and, finally, on the twentieth day, the captain announced that they were approaching land, and the voyage would soon be over.Il Giornale dei Comuni

‘Oh, yes, you could. Now do just as I tell you, Alice. When you’ve eaten, we’ll talk again.’ANCI Risponde

Manutenzione strade: recupero indennizzi percepiti da parte di ente non proprietario

  • DOMANDA: Questo comune è divenuto proprietario, e di conseguenza responsabile, della manutenzione di tratti stradali prima di competenza della Provincia. Detti [...]
  • RISPOSTA: La questione sottesa al caso in esame concerne il recupero degli indennizzi percepiti dallEnte non più proprietario né concessionario di una strada per la maggiore usura [...]

Ammessa la proroga di un appalto dei servizi educativi a causa dell'emergenza Covid

  • DOMANDA: Con la presente si richiede un parere circa la possibilità di prorogare lappalto di parte dei servizi educativi afferenti l'Asilo Nido comunale scadente il 31.07.2020, [...]
  • RISPOSTA: Si esprime il parere che lappalto dei servizi educativi afferenti l'Asilo Nido comunale, in scadenza il 31.07.2020, sospeso per 5 mesi in conseguenza [...]

"There are several kinds of them—sperm-whales, right-whales, bow-heads; and a whaleman can tell one from the other as easy as a farmer can tell a cart-horse from a Shetland pony. The most valuable is the sperm-whale, as his oil is much better, and brings more money; and then we get spermaceti from him to make candles of, which we don't get from the others. He's a funny-looking brute, as his head is a third of his whole length; and when you've cut it off, there doesn't seem to be much whale left of him.AnciteLive

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